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  • 24-HR Alarm Monitoring
  • Digital Keypad
  • 3 Door / Window Sensors
  • Infrared Motion Detector
  • High-Decibel Alarm Siren
  • Backup Battery
  • Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Yard Sign & Window Decals
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Essentials Plus

Everything in the ESSENTIALS Package plus
  • Two-Way Voice
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Total Protection

Everything in the ESSENTIALS Package plus
  • Safewatch® CellGuard®
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Total Protection Plus

Everything in the ESSENTIALS Package plus
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Safewatch® CellGuard®
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Premium Protection

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  • ADT Pulse®
  • Safewatch® CellGuard®
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Learn more about ADT home monitoring features

In 2015, nearly 60 percent of burglaries were forcible entries. Help protect your home with ADT's cutting-edge features and unmatched industry experience today.

24-hour monitoring

24/7 alarm monitoring spots potential home threats no matter where you are. If the alarm is triggered, your security system connects to ADT's monitoring centers and sends help to your location.

High-decibel siren

The high-decibel siren notifies your household when there's danger. The ADT home security alarm is loud and distinct to help deter any break-ins and alert your family of threatening home emergencies.

Signs and decals

ADT home security systems include yard signs and window decals to serve as a visual deterrent to intruders. It also lets your neighborhood know that you make your household's safety a priority.

Backup battery

The home monitoring backup battery gives approximately 12 hours of emergency strength. In a storm or neighborhood outage, stay calm knowing you'll remain protected with help from your system.

Digital keypad

The keypad is the center of your ADT monitored home security system and provides stress-free control. You can communicate with emergency personnel, change your alarm code and disarm your system.

Keychain remote

This wireless, handheld device gives you the ability to arm and disarm your ADT monitoring system, as well as request emergency assistance. Get simple home security control with one press of a button.

Entryway sensors

Help protect more than your home's front door with ADT's three entryway sensors. If an intruder tries to force open a back door or prop open a window, your monitoring alarm will sound immediately.

Interior motion sensor

The infrared motion detector helps secure and monitor your home's interior areas, including the foyer, office, bedrooms or hallways. Get alerted right away when the detector senses unusual movement.

Two-way voice

An ADT home monitoring system with two-way voice provides hands-free communication. No need to grab the nearest phone to call for help – connect with a dispatcher right when your alarm goes off.

Safewatch® CellGuard®

CellGuard® is ADT's wireless home monitoring feature for homeowners without a landline. However, residents with a landline can use CellGuard® as a backup security feature during a power outage.

ADT Pulse®

Want to turn down the thermostat or arm your home monitoring system? ADT Pulse® helps you remotely modify home automation and security settings from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Video cameras

Video surveillance helps monitor activity around your home at all hours. From a smartphone or computer, watch surveillance footage and get real-time video clip updates.

Control your home with help from ADT Pulse®

ADT Pulse® is one of the most innovative and convenient home monitoring features on the market. Read more about its benefits and how they can help secure your household.

On-the-go convenience

No matter where you are, arm and disarm your home monitoring system remotely with help from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You'll also get real-time security alerts so you're always in the know.

Smart home automation

Get total control over all corners of your home, including video cameras, lights, door locks and thermostat when you use ADT Pulse®. Manage your home and monitored security system in one hub.

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Why choose ADT monitoring

More Protection Means More Peace of Mind


ADT has helped define and develop the smart home security movement. Customers can shop for monitoring packages that offer remote home automation control.


ADT has a network of six monitoring centers and provides fast emergency response for 6.5 million homeowners and business owners across North America.


ADT has helped protect residents and their properties for 140 years, proving a track record of expertise that's unequaled in today's monitored home security industry.